Job Apply Fees Public Relation Manager

₹ 295

Public Relation Manager Terms and Condition

  • For this job you have to make 18 above then you can do this exam and get job.
  • When you clear your exam fee then you have 3 chance for pass your exam but you have do 2 try of your exam in next 7 days.
  • When you pass in your exam then you have to pay 1510 /- for your Public Relation Manager package and kit cost.
  • When you pass in exam then you have 3 days online training from company and when you complete your training then you get 300/- from company.
  • When company create a meeting then you have to join.
  • Company kit you get :-
  • A.     ID CARD
  • C.      Your Name Printed Bag
  • Company send your salary amount in your registered bank account .
  • Company have all rights for change his tems and condition, members, salary etc.
  • Company give you full support for your work.